Consumer Advocate Solutions Enterprises Reaches the $15 Million Dollar Mark

Long Beach, California (PRWEB) June 24, 2013

This May, Consumer Advocate Solutions Enterprises (CASE) passed the $ 15 million dollar mark in consumers monies returned. The ever altering landscape of fraud and the laws to combat them can often times be overwhelming for most people, so private organizations like CASE become an essential missing piece of the puzzle in the recovery method. CASE brings together assets with particular experience under 1 roof to serve each as a resource center and an advocate for clientele. Situations efforts bridge the gap in between their consumers and the state and federal agencies, the economic institutions, and credit businesses.

The organization recently moved into their existing residence at 5500 East Atherton St., Suite 325 in Extended Beach, CA to accommodate their ever-developing business and allow for an expansion of education and prevention services. Since the companys introduction in early 2012, Customer Advocate Services has expanded its investigative group to 15 complete time staff that specialize in numerous areas of fraud, such as forensic accounting to recognize fraudulent charges created to bank accounts and credit cards. This dedication allows the investigators to understand the nuances of every sort of fraud and collect the proof necessary to represent every client correctly. This evidence is then passed on to the credit team who tends to make make contact with with the economic institutions and permits the document team to prepare detailed information step by step to the state and federal regulatory bodies required to track criminal activity. CASE will also deal with the interactions with monetary institutions on the behalf of all consumers.

After Consumer Advocate Services investigates the fraudulent firms, they guide clientele by way of fraud prevention methods by using their Unlimited Fraud Protection strategy. With this strategy, clientele will obtain standard communications of the newest trends in telephonic fraud, names of businesses to stay away from, and free evaluations of businesses that clientele might be contemplating for enterprise purposes.

About Customer Advocate Solutions Enterprises

Customer Advocate Services Enterprises (CASE) is a private company that specializes in assisting the average American who becomes a victim of monetary fraud. The company was formed in early 2012 by two longtime close friends with years of experience in the economic business. For more info, CASE can be reached by phone toll free of charge at 877-70-CASE-2.

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